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Dewalt Hepa Vacuum – My favorite vacuum. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It pulses periodically to clean the filter. We use it for controlling dust on small hand grinders and small planetary grinders. Paired with the right vacuum head, and its awesome for getting concrete dust off of the floor after grinding. We also use it to get up the excess vinyl chips on epoxy floors. We got tired of dragging around a huge $2500 plush-vac thats really made for big polishing machines.

Dewalt Hepa Filters Replacement filters for the Dewalt vac.

Dewalt Angle Grinder – Multipurpose hand grinder. We use it with a diamond cup wheel for hand grinding edges or prepping concrete to make samples before we get our big grinders out. Don’t forget to get this shroud to control the dust.

Nitrile Raven Powder-Free Disposable Gloves – I wear these black gloves all the time on every job. Buy the XL size. These are usually around $18/box at a local hardware store. You can get them on Amazon for just under $10.

Flexible Blade Smoother – This is made to smooth out overlays… but I use it to scrape a vinyl chip floor before we top coat it. Get the 24″ wide one because the wider one doesn’t work as well on wavy floors.

Dewalt Battery Powered Blower – We use this on vinyl chip epoxy floors to blow the excess chips off of the floor. It also helps us to leave the job sites cleaner without much effort. No one wants to pull out a cord and blower right before you are driving off of a job site. This makes it easy. 

Dewalt Battery Powered Drill – We use this to mix epoxy on smaller jobs. Its great to be able to not get any cords out at all when we do a garage floor or basement floor. This will make a few batches of water-based epoxy on one charge. If you are using a high solids epoxy, it will only mix about 2-3 batches on one charge. If you need more run time, you can buy a bigger 20v Dewalt battery, or just use the larger battery that came with the Dewalt Battery Powered blower listed above.

Dewalt Track Saw – We use this track saw to get perfectly straight cuts when we form concrete countertops. You simply attach the track (sold seperatly) directly to the melamine with these clamps (also sold separately) and you can get perfectly straight cuts every time. A lot of people use the Festool track saw, but I personally couldn’t justify the expense. We don’t do a lot of countertops, so this Dewalt saw works just fine for us. (and it costs about 50% less)

Ardex Feather Finish – My favorite patching material for stained concrete. It dries fast so we can patch, stain and seal all in one day. Many people can buy this locally… but I can’t, so I order it here.


Go Pro Hero 7 Black – This is, by far, the easiest camera to use on the job site. The hyper-smooth stabilization makes it easy to record videos on the job site without worrying about holding the camera perfectly steady. 

Sony A6300 – This is a great camera for photo and video. I like mirrorless cameras because they are compact, but they still get DSLR quality photos and video. I also use this 50MM Sony Prime Lens for B-roll and portrait photos with a shallow depth of field. (ex: photos and videos with intentionally blurry backgrounds)

DJI Mavic Air – Fly More Combo – Comes with 3 batteries and everything else you might need.

Joby Gorilla Pod – The bendy tripod. I use this all the time to set up time lapse videos as we are installing a floor. This one will hold my Sony a6300 or my Go Pro.

Joby Magnetic Tripod – The small bendy tripod that sticks to metal. Sometimes the best place to mount a tripod on the job site is on the metal garage door frame. It also comes with an adapter to hold your iPhone. They say the best camera is the one you have with you. I forget my camera bag often, so I end up using my iPhone to record a lot of video… and this tripod makes it easy. This will also hold a GoPro if you get a threaded tripod adapter for the GoPro. 

If you want to upgrade your audio on your GoPro, you need a few things to make it work. 

Mic Adapter for the Go Pro – The newest Go Pro doesn’t have a microphone input, so you need to buy this device which will allow you to plug in a standard microphone into the USB C port.

Rode Compact on Camera Microphone – This cardioid condenser microphone is great at capturing audio in front of the camera without getting too much background noise from noise on the sides or behind the camera. 

Joby GorrillaPod Arms – These arms fit on the Gorillapod and will allow you to securely mount a Rode microphone. You can use the second arm for a light.. but that’s usually not necessary. 

Studio Lighting – An inexpensive (but not cheaply built) studio light. I use this to light indoor videos when there isn’t enough natural light.

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