Free 6-Week Decorative Concrete Business Course

  • Learn what apps we use in our business.
  • Learn how we schedule and collaborate on projects for 3 different crews
  • Learn how we communicate with customers & employees. (hint- it’s not texting… that doesn’t work)
  • Stop printing plans and learn how to measure them on a computer.
  • Stay organized by keeping price sheets and product info on the cloud.

Hi my name is Tim with Decorative Concrete School. I started my installation business back in 2001 and we’ve grown from an operation consisting of my father, brother and I to a company that consistently has about 4 different crews that operate across the entire state of Virginia. 

I realized the other day that there is a ton of information out there about how to install different decorative concrete systems…but there is almost nothing out there that shows you how to run a decorative concrete business, so I created this short course to teach you about a few different apps that have changed the way we conduct our business. 

Email and text messaging are no longer working for me. Some potential customers were complaining because I wasn’t responding to them quickly enough. Some employees were complaining because I wasn’t answering their questions quickly enough. And my high end clients…you know…the ones that send you invitations to bid with a 200 page set of plans… I was completely neglecting them because i was overwhelmed at the amount of documentation they were sending me. 

The problem wasn’t that I was just ignoring them… it was that they were all competing for my attention in my voicemail and email inbox…both of which are also overflowing with a million other emails and phone calls from salesmen who were trying to pitch me the next greatest product. 

I realized a while ago that i would need to create a system to manage everything if I had any hope of keeping up. Additionally, keeping leads off of my personal phone and out of my inbox would allow me to hire someone to help me with different aspects of the business. 

The first thing Im going to teach you in this course is what apps we use to communicate with clients, our salesmen, and employees. 

Next I will show you how we keep all of our documents, bids and blueprints organized so that everyone in our business can access what they need from anywhere in the world. 

Finally, I will show you how we schedule our jobs so that everyone in our business will know where everyone else is at all times. You will also be surprised at how much more efficient you can be when your entire team can look at a timeline that shows your entire schedule for the next few months.

As an added bonus…Im going to teach you how to measure blueprints from your computer without having to print them off. I asked my instagram followers the other day how they were measuring plans and I was shocked to learn that almost 75% of them were actually printing full size blueprints at a print shop just so they could measure the plans with a ruler. Its crazy.

For now, Im offering this course for free. Its a 6-part course that we will be emailing out. You can sign up by entering your email below, and well immediately send you the first lesson.a

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